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UncommonX Managed Detection and Response

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) team powered by UncommonX's Security Operations Platform monitors and stops the root causes of threats. You get 24/7 inside-out protection no other platform or provider can offer.

Security Monitoring

Security & Threat Monitoring

Security Assessments

Security Assessments

Incident Response

24/7 Incident Response

Get the Power of Full-Service Tech-Driven Security


check (1)Improved Threat Protection

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Improved Threat Protection

Enables 24/7 visibility of external and internal threats using our BOSS XDR threat management and intelligence SaaS platform.

check (1)Enhanced Security Maturity

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Enhanced Security Maturity

Ensures proactive risk management and security maturity with comprehensive threat intelligence.

check (1)Facilities Compliance

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Facilities Compliance

Provides enhanced security controls and real-time information ensuring industry regulations compliance.

check (1)Improved Operational Efficiency

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Improved Operational Efficiency

More effective monitoring of your environment identifies where performance can be improved.

Chose the Exact Solutions You Need


Security Event Triage and Investigation

Identifies active attacks and hidden threats before they can do real damage.


Security Assessments

Get a clear view of your organization’s security posture with a series of assessments.


Security Analytics and Intelligence

BOSS XDR correlates all security event data for anomalies and possible compromise.

Ransomware Readiness

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Make sure you are safe from one of the biggest cybersecurity threats facing organizations today.


Incident Escalation

Incidents are escalated to each customer based on their standard service level agreement.


Incident Response and Support

Identifies and fixes the cause of all cyber-attacks, then minimizes the damage and costs.